ATTENTION NEW MEMBERS - Getting Ads Approved

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ATTENTION NEW MEMBERS - Getting Ads Approved

Post by fourseasons » Mon Apr 11, 2016 5:43 pm

Welcome new GDF members...

Please note that for your first few posts after you've joined a Moderator will have to read and approve your posts as an aide in avoiding SPAM on this Board. So, if you post an ad in the TRADING POST section it might "sit" until a Moderator has done the "read and approve" process. To help ensure your ad gets up and running quickly, you may send me a private message (use the PM button, and my handle FOURSEASONS) and let me know you've posted an ad - and in which forum the ad was posted - I have very limited internet access so this way I'll be alerted to look out for your ad to speed up the posting process.

Send a PM for TRADING POST new member AD APPROVALS, ONLY - not for general posts - again, limited internet access!

Also, please read the topic about guidelines for posting ads - we appreciate your cooperation in helping us to keep the TRADING POST a viable and valuable service to our members and viewers.

Again, we're always glad to have new members join us on GDF to share their interest in bird dogs :D