Anyone use a Bitless Bridle?

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Anyone use a Bitless Bridle?

Post by Jager » Mon Sep 24, 2012 9:05 am

If so, what are your thoughts?
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Re: Anyone use a Bitless Bridle?

Post by jimbo&rooster » Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:16 am

We break all of our young horses using a side pull which is a bitless bridle and we use that for a while till they figure out what we want. We also use a Hackamore from time to time which is also bitless, but eventually they all end up with a bit in their mouth.

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Re: Anyone use a Bitless Bridle?

Post by ezzy333 » Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:29 am

I have used them but it depends on the horse as to how well they work. I like them for some.


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